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Featured App Friday: PopSugar Active

It’s no surprise that PopSugar Active is on the iTunes list of  “Top Free Apps.” This awesome fitness app includes all  of the PopSugar workouts AND it carries over the PopSugar Fitness personality in its high quality video content. The app consists of many short video workouts, with the availability to download as well so that you can still work out even if you don’t have WIFI available.


PopSugar Active was created to satisfy users and the idea is that you can create your own routines from the workouts. As they explained to us, “It’s similar to a salad bar, because you can pick what you’re in the mood for, mix and match options, and tailor the workout to your personal needs!”

PopSugar Fitness is all about encouraging everyone to live healthy and happy, and they strive to make this easier for the every day person. PopSugar Active is not a “personal trainer app”, but gives you a convenient option to work out at home (and have fun doing it)!


One of the experts behind PopSugar Active is a mom of two, who enjoys experiementing with different fitness trends. She used her own experience as a former modern dancer and pilates instructor to make this app successful. As she explained, “As a working mom, I want to set a positive example for my children.”

And users agree, most feedback from the app has come from working moms who are excited that they found a tool they can actually use while their kids are napping.

PopSugar Active is convenient AND it gives you choice, which is perfect for anyone ranging from college students, busy moms, frequent travelers, or anyone interested in trying the latest fitness trends.

Part of the reason this app is so convenient is that the majority of PopSugar Active workouts are equipment free, so you’re only using body weight, leaving no excuse for not getting great workout. Some videos require dumbbells and/ or exercise bands, and there are some workouts specifically for jumping rope or BOSU.


In addition to having the ability to create your own workout routine from content on the app, PopSugar Active stands out because its easy to use, and it has great video content with trainers that are motivating so you feel connected.

Because you’ll be able to tailor-make your workouts, you’ll be able to add your tredmill exercise along with your ab workout, save it in the app, and be able to use it again!

In the future, PopSugar Active will continue to make the app more user friendly, and they’re working toward adding integrative timers for workouts such as tabata. In addition, they’re working toward being able to sort by trainer because different  personalities motivate different people!

PopSugar Active is fun and allows you to experiement with different workouts, to find what you like, whether it be kickboxing, barre, pilates, yoga cardio, etc or a combination of any/all!

You’ll be exposed to different workout trends, so you can try them all and find what works for your lifestyle!

For those who are already familiar with the PopSugar Fitness personality, you’ll be able to jump right in, and for those who are not, you’re in for a treat!

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