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How Personal Trainers Use Fitness Apps

As the head trainer at Volt Fitness in Glen Rock, NJ, Jon Marciani knows how to condition athletes and improve their performance. What he also knows is that in order for his clients to maximize results, they must be compliant outside of his strength training sessions. As Jon describes, “Most of my attention during sessions is focused on muscle strength and endurance, so I recommend that my clients use Runtastic on the days that they don’t train with me to build cardiovascular endurance.  I also know that Nutrition is an important component of their sports performance, but because I am not certified to give out a diet plan, I have them track their intake daily with Fooducate. I’ve had success with my clients when they use these apps because it holds them accountable on the days they aren’t in the gym and it’s an easy way for me to make sure they are staying on track to reach their set goals.”

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