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Favorite App Friday: Fitness Point App

Fitness Point is a simple app, made for gym rats to follow their fitness progress and much more. By downloading the app, you get access to a database full of exercises as well as a detailed description of each exercise with animation.


With Fitness Point, you can also create your own workout plans by choosing the exercises you like and sorting them in the order you like. You can also set your target sets and reps.

After you have your workout plan, you can log data such as your weight, reps completed, and notes about each exercise. It only takes a few clicks to complete, so you can record your workout right at the gym!

Fitness Point

There is also a calendar, where you can see your past logs and the graphing feature will show you all of the data for a specific exercise, which helps you track your progress.

Another awesome feature that Fitness Point has is a body tracker. This lets you enter your weight or measure different body parts (such as your biceps) to see your muscles growth. The graph even gives you a visual image of your progress.

As the developer of Fitness Point told us, a lot of hard work went into making this app. “During the development process The first version was very buggy and was much more basic than the version now, so I continued to work on the app and after a few updates I’ve gotten many positive reviews.”

In fact, Fitness Point app is ranked the 4th free app in Germany, which was a huge accomplishment and they now have over 2,000,000 downloads!

Like many fitness apps, Fitness Point has both a free and a paid version. The free version has ads, and only contains 70 preinstalled exercises, whereas the Pro version give you access to hundreds of exercises, graph features, body trackers, csv export and a timer for the breaks between sets.

measure body

As they told us, “If you can do without these additional features, the free version may be just fine for you!” However, if you want more features, Fitness Point Pro may be for you, AND you’ll supporting further development of the app.

If you’re into fitness and want to control your own workout, this app is worth a try. It’s currently a chart topper in the Health and Fitness categories in Germany, Brazil, and Russia, so we’re thinking America may be next.Try it for yourself this weekend and see what the hype is all about!







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