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Gymaholic is an iPhone workout tracking app that is preset for instant use, but is also customizable.

Features of Gymaholic:

Workout tracking

–       Choose or create a workout in the Workouts menu. You can swipe left and right the image line of the workouts to see preview images of the exercises.


–       Set the ‘sets-reps-weight’ details. You can add different data per exercise – just tap the box and tap”+” to add new data and “-“ to remove.

–       Tap the “i” button for exercise details: tap the “best” box for changing the best result of the exercise (weight, reps, Σreps), tap the preview stat boxes to enlarge the statistics (in pro version only), tap the exercise image to enlarge it.

–       You can use the tracker in different modes. The two main options are (go to the Settings menu­­ >“Workout tracking” section):

  • Log checked exercises only: in this mode the tracker will save only those exercises which are checked. This provides the option not to log all exercises of a workout. But if it is “off” all exercises will be logged by stopping the tracker.
  • Rest timer mode: in this mode the app adds rest timer to each exercise and after swiping all sets the app checks the exercise for you. You can set the rest time in the Settings menu.


–       While tracking you can do anything, you can also edit your workout or the exercises.

–       Stop the tracker, the app saves your workout details and the duration, then displays them in the History menu and as statistics.

You can share your workout by sending it via email, AirDrop or by submitting it to the Gymaholic Community.



You will find your tracked workouts here. Tap each workout for details and rotate your iPhone right for statistics of all tracked workouts or the chosen workout (statistics available in Pro version).


Created workouts are displayed to rate and download in the community. You can submit your workouts, which will appear in the Community menu after a check (they approve the content). This is the only feature where you need Facebook and only for rating and submitting a workout.

Gymaholic is available in 3 languages and you can create workouts in any language, becausethe community is multilingual. The community has an automatic language filter which displays f.e. only English workouts to English users, but an additional language can be set.


This is the bodyweight tracker. Just swipe the scale left or right to set the weight, then save it. The chart shows the data. If you have more weight data you can change the views (1 month or more) by tapping the cart. You are allowed to save weight to previous date.



In this menu you can create photo albums, then take or add photos. If you tap play, the app generates a video from the album, which is then ready to share as video or animated gif (sharing available only in the pro version).

If you take a picture an overlay image will help. You can set the transparency of the image.

This feature is great to create progress photos and videos, before/after photos and videos, fitness selfie photos and videos, etc. Anything you like.


This menu shows all exercises, and statistics of the database. If you want to edit or create exercises without adding them to a workout you can do it here.


In the Settings menu you can change your preferences anytime.

Gymaholic has free and pro versions. The pro version is only $ 2.99 and offers a banner free surface, iCloud backup and restore of all user-created photos and recorded data, More than 30 statistics in total, by workout, by exercise, by muscle groups, by equipment, etc, and Photo, video or animated gif sharing via email, Facebook, or AirDrop in the Album menu.


Steps to start using Gymaholic TODAY:

Step 1: Open app

Step 2: Choose a workout

Step 3: Press start

Step 4: Work out

Step 5: Stop your workout and check the statistics (if using the pro version), take progress photos and add your weight if using the pro version

Gymaholic can be helpful, no matter what your current fitness level, which is why users range from beginner to advanced.

For busy users, the effortless tracking and tap minimized functionality will be especially helpful.

For users who need motivation or want to watch the progress, the great stats and photo- based progress tracking are a benefit of this app.

For custom needs, you can create exercises with own photos and descriptions. Preferences are welcome.

Enjoy your workout!

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