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Fuel My Run

Fuel My Run is the first running app that lets you track your workouts, while helping you take in enough fuel to finish your run strong!

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Most half marathon and marathon runners slow down significantly during the last half of the race, and more often than not, an inadequate fueling strategy is the cause.

Developing a fueling strategy and practicing it well before your race is the key to success.

Fuel My Run ensures runners have enough energy to finish strong, maintain pace and never hit the wall again. It is perfectly suited for runners training for a half marathon, marathon, triathlon or ultra race.

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This app was created from personal experience, as the developer told us, “In my first marathon in 2008, I had no fueling plan whatsoever. I winged it. My ignorance resulted in me “hitting the wall” at mile 20 and alternating between walking and jogging the last 6 miles. A most unpleasant experience.
For my second marathon, I took fueling more seriously. I developed and practiced my fueling plan until I was comfortable with the amount, rate and type of fueling. And did it ever pay off. I beat my previous marathon time by 45 minutes and maintained a much stronger pace those last 6 miles of the race.

I was convinced, fueling was integral for marathon success. I have since become passionate about fueling and found myself telling my fueling success story and providing fueling advice to other runners.

Then it occurred to me, there are lots of great apps to help runners train and track their runs, but nothing that helps with fueling. My idea for Fuel My Run was born.”

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Five action steps to start using Fuel My Run today:
Step 1: Open app and set-up your profile.
Step 2: Go to the “New Run” tab and choose what kind of run you would like to do. To make your own fuel plan for a training run, choose “Custom Fuel Plan”.
Step 3: Select “Create Plan” and give your plan a name.
Step 4: Set-up mid-run fuel reminders based on specific times or distances. You’ll be able to select a fuel from some of the most popular endurance fuels.
Step 5. Now, select “Save and Start Run”.


Fuel My Run was made for long distance runners that run half marathons, full marathons and ultra distances. It is available for iPhone on iTunes for $1.99 AND you can sync it with Runkeeper and MapMyFitness!

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