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Favorite App Friday: C25K

C25K, which stands for couch to 5k, is an awesome running app for beginners who are very new to fitness. The app was developed to help people who never run, and train them using walk/run intervals so that in eight weeks you’ll be able to run a 5k!

When you start training with C25K, the first couple weeks involve more walking than running, but as you progress, you develop the endurance to be able to run more than you walk. It’s easy for beginners to use because it’s not intimidating and it guides you step by step, literally!


The creators of C25K have always been into fitness, and their passion for helping improve people’s lives came through clearly when we spoke to them in a recent interview. “After doing martial arts for over 20 years, teaching and motivating people toward their fitness goals has always been a passion of mine.”

They told us their goal is to help create a positive, healthy change in people’s lives, so the general goal of Zen Labs is to have full set of apps that will target whatever your fitness needs happen to be.

Of all of the apps created by Zen Labs, C25K was the very and still the most downloaded, but we encourage you to try C25K along with other apps made the same company such as their newest one, Runner’s Buddy Pedometer App. Use it along with C25K to track your distance while you increase your endurance.

While C25K was developed to be extremely simple and straightforward (all you have to do is press start), more experienced runners may want to know how fast they were running and the exact distance they’ve covered during their run.  This is where Runner’s Buddy Pedometer can be very helpful.

Once you complete the eight weeks of C25K training, you can advance to 10K training, half marathon and then full marathon training using Zen Labs apps. If running isn’t an option, and you’re stuck inside, check out PushUps Trainer, Abs Trainer, and/or Legs Trainer! All of these apps are available in both free AND paid versions.


There are plenty of success stories from people who have used C25K, but the ones that stand out to the developers the most are usually from people who are battling cancer and use the app to get away from reality or awhile.

Although we love C25K for the app that it is, we love it even more because Zen Labs is actually partners with MyFitnessPal and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and they donate thousands of dollars every year!

According to the developers of C25K, there is, “so much room for growth with Zen Labs apps.” They are going to try to add upgrades and continue to make all of their apps better, while also introducing even more so that they can continue to build their collection of apps.

The goal of Zen Labs is to be very customer centric. They are really proud of what they offer users, and they have every right to be. C25K and all of the Zen Labs apps will get you fit, while giving back to an amazing cause. What could be better than making yourself happy while influencing the lives of those suffering from breast cancer? Download C25K today, and starting exercising for pink!




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