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An App A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Trying to lose weight can be very frustrating at times. After all, it’s easy to “fall off the wagon” without the right support at hand. These days, the power of high technology assists dieters with remaining motivated and organized as they reduce calories, get fit and make the most of their shapes.

To help you understand the value of nutrition and fitness apps, which may be utilized via your preferred electronic device(s), we’ve created a practical quick guide.

By detailing the benefits and features of the best nutrition and fitness apps, we’ll make it easier for you to stick to your diet and to achieve (and maintain) your goal weight…

Nutrition and Fitness Apps to Consider

My Plate Calorie Counter (via


Known as a premier app for those who wish to track every single bite that they put into their mouths, this calorie counting application is available via the website, and it’s designed to give you a lot more control over your diet.

You may use the app with a range of hardware, such as the iPhone, your home computer or a Blackberry. When you begin utilizing My Plate, the system will tabulate some of your personal statistics, such as height, weight and activity level, as well as your goal weight. Then, you’ll be provided with an optimum calorie allotment, per day, which will allow you to reduce in a healthy, safe manner.

This virtual food diary comes with plenty of bells and whistles, such as a database of food and drink calorie counts. Many users find that this app has everything that they need for food tracking purposes, so it’s definitely worth checking out.



This free app also gets rave reviews from real-life men and women who are trying to lose some unwanted poundage. Available at, the app features food-tracking capability which is designed to boost the chances of significant weight loss. After all, studies have proven that people who track calories lose up to twice as many pounds as those who don’t!

While you’ll need to invest a little time setting up the app with all of your personal information, you’ll find that utilizing this fun program gets easier – and faster – very quickly. Once the app is configured with your specific details, you’ll simply need to click on the right foods in order to track your calories each day and night.



FoodSpotting is designed to work with Android and iPhone hardware, and it’s not a typical food-tracking app. Instead, it’s a resource for those who want to find just the right recipes and restaurants via their mobile devices. When you test out this practical software application today, you’ll be one step closer to finding diet-friendly recipes and eateries which offer the perfect blend of optimum calorie counts and delicious flavors. This app is a great way to keep your diet varied and exciting as you reduce.



Designed for the scanning and selection of truly healthy meals and snacks, Fooducate is available at the official iTunes Store, at Google Play and at a range of other websites/virtual storefronts. When you choose this innovative app, you may scan barcodes from food products in order to gather vital information about calories, fat content and nutrient content.

Since it’s such a sensible way to know what you’re eating and how your daily diet affects your general health – as well as your weight loss goals – it’s definitely a great “secret weapon” to use during every visit to the grocery store.

Lose It! 


Get slim and sexy faster by accessing the power of the Lose It! software app. This clever application is available for usage with a host of mobile devices, such as iPad and iPhone, and it comes with a host of appealing and practical features, such as daily calorie budgets and food-tracking/exercise tracking services.

Designed to motivate and inspire, this unique weight loss app is all about supporting healthy fat-burning via a sensible diet.

Now that you know the best apps for nutrition and weight loss, why not try them out right now? It’s so easy to use these intuitive and user-friendly apps, there’s no risk in adding them to your weight loss plan today!

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