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Featured App Friday: Waterlogged

Let’s face it. You don’t drink enough water. What you need is an app that focuses primarily on this simple goal so that you can be successful day after day.

As Waterlogged told us, “We think that users need simple apps that do what they do, and they do it well. Waterlogged allows you to track the water that you drink and it gives you reminders to make sure that you are drinking enough by letting you know how much you need to drink each hour to accomplish your personal goal.”


You know you  should be drinking more water, but somehow you get to the end of the day and realize you didn’t drink enough.

Waterlogged provides you with reminders that can help without being annoying.


What we love about this app is that it suits a wide variety of people. Everyone needs to drink more water, but some people need reminders on a daily basis. Waterlogged will allow and encourage someone that is in a a state of need to take that step to help them be successful.

While some apps were build around a nice design, Waterlogged based their app on function.

They said, “Our goal was to make an app that works perfectly, so while other apps may look better, ours works more effectively at helping people drink more water.”

Even better, Waterlogged can sync with your Fitbit account, and in the future they plan to sync with other useful fitness and nutrition apps. They are also working on design updates so that they’re effectiveness can match the look of the app.

Download Waterlogged for FREE on iTunes to join over a million users that have discovered how motivational this app can be to encourage you to drink more water. You have nothing to lose, so give it a try!


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